Transition to School Program

 Aims of our School Readiness Program

Pioneer Road Long Day Care Centre aims to;

  • Provide educational practise and programs that are; relevant, comprehensive; engaging, stimulating and innovative. A program facilitated by evaluation and reflection and is derived from the positive and mutually respectful relationships between children, families and educators from the preschool and primary school fields.
  • Provide experiences and environments which scaffold children’s sense of identity and confidence, in which children are active participants in their own learning.
  • Support each child’s development of independence and autonomy, as well as perseverance and resilience through the support of our dedicated educators and also via our learning environments and experiences.
  • Deliver a program by experienced, qualified and motivated educators who are supported via; opportunities for ongoing training and professional development, given time and resources to plan and prepare and supported by management.
  • Encourage and utilise the input of our families, children and community. Recognising that families are a central and very valuable part of the transition to school process, who can give us information that ensures our programs remain relevant, respectful and comprehensive.

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