Our Philosophy

 At Pioneer Road Long Day Care Centre.  

·       At the core of our philosophy, we believe in the principles of Early Childhood Education outlined in the Belonging, Being and Becoming curriculum. We deeply respect each child as a unique individual and firmly believe in their innate ability to achieve success.  

·       We are dedicated advocates for every child's entitlement to a preschool experience that ignites curiosity, fosters a love for exploration and discovery, and instils a genuine passion for lifelong learning.

·       Educators draw inspiration from children's boundless potential for learning, enjoyment, exploration, and play. Our programming and planning are built upon this foundation, prioritising the children's voices and ideas. We create a nurturing environment where children can grow and thrive. Our learning spaces are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and inviting, encouraging meaningful engagement with the curriculum.  
·       We strive to build strong partnerships with children, families, and the community, fostering trust and collaboration. By creating positive relationships with families, we support and nurture children to reach their maximum potential.
·       Our curriculum values and accommodates the diverse needs and interests of all the children in our care. Our educators carefully plan and implement a program that encompasses the holistic development of each child. We prioritise incorporating the voices and ideas of the children into our daily practices.  
·       Our educators take pride in fostering a non-biased curriculum and creating an inclusive environment that embraces diversity. We recognise the value of multiple cultural perspectives and celebrate diversity with children and their families and the opportunities they bring. (EYLF V2.0, 2022).  
·       Our educators are dedicated to their profession, bringing their extensive knowledge, strong passion, and creative approaches to teaching. We collaborate as a cohesive team, respecting each other's unique strengths and ideas. Together, we design and create welcoming and inviting learning experiences that align with our belief in the importance of play-based learning.
·       We honour and value our cultural heritage and all the families and children in our care. We foster a learning space that embraces diversity, individuality, and the appreciation of each person's distinctiveness, ensuring our centre is an optimal setting for children to flourish.  
·       We are committed to working towards a sustainable future, and our centre resources, materials, and play-based learning have a strong, sustainable focus. Children and educators care for our centre garden, which fosters connections to land and community and encourages respect for the environment and the importance of sustainable practices.
Our children’s Voices: (family survey 2023)
We love PRLDC because we play with our friends and do so many fun activities.
We love the mud pit, outdoor play, indoor activities, our teachers and all our friends.
We love everything!    
Reviewed October 2023
Next reviewed Oct 2024